R22 Rock Drilling Tools

R22 Thread Rock Drill Button Bits

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Jinquan's tungsten carbide buttons are with superior wear resistance and impact toughness superior, with higher drilling speed compared with the similar rock drilling tools. Rock button drill bits series tools' passivation time is longer, approximate 5-6 times of the other drill bits. This is beneficial to save the auxiliary working hours, reduce manual labor and accelerate the construction speed.

R22 Rock Drilling Tools M/F Drifter Rod

R22 M/F hex drifter rod, speed rod:
Drill bits:
Threaded button bit R22 thread, diameter: 32mm, 36mm, 38mm, 41mm.
Threaded cross bits R22 thread, diameter: 38mm, 40mm.
Extension rod/speed rod/shank adapter rod:
Drifter extension rod R22-Hex22-R22, 800mm, 1200mm, 1600mm, 2000mm, 2435mm.
Shank rod Hex22-R22, 610mm, 760mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1830mm, 2435mm, 3200mm, 3600mm.
Many various type coupling with thread R22-R22.

R22-Hex22-R22 Extension Rod

R22-Hex22-R22 Extension Rod (Male-Males Extension Drilling Rods):
(1) Thread Connection: R22, R25, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51, and so on.
(2) Diameter: OD32, OD38, HEX32, HEX35, And so on.
(3) Length: 800-2435mm.
(4) Package: Ply-wooden cases or wrapped with plastic knitting and then packed into bundles or as per your requests.

R22 Hex Shank Adapter Rod

R22 hex shank end rod, shank adapter drill rod hex22*108 with R22 thread: Effective length 255mm-3600mm.
R22 Shank End Rod:
Diameter: H22mm or H25mm;
Shank size: 22*108mm or 25*159mm;
Effective drilling length: 255mm/400mm/610mm/



Our other R22 threaded top-hammer rock tools include shank end rod, tapered drill rod, tapered button bits, extension rod, M/F rod, drifter rod, thread button bits, shank adapter, coupling, R22 / R25 / R28 / R32 / T38 / T45 / T51 /  T60 threaded rock drilling tools.

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