Threaded Drilling Tools

T38 76mm Threaded Retrac Button Bits

T38 76mm retract threaded button bits drop center ballistic buttons are fully interchangeable with rock drilling rods manufactured by Atlas Copco, Sandvik, Boart Longyear etc.

T38-3050mm Extension Rod Double Thread

T38 extension rod, length 3050mm, double thread: M/M extension drill rod (Male & Male of each end).

T45 MF Rods

T45-3660mm (12ft) thread extension MF drill rods are produced with round sections in all common thread designs, and in Male/Female (M/F) connections.

T45 Mining Shank Adaptor

Supply many various type shank adaptors which are suitable for all popular drifters and top hammers in the world, and the main thread types of shank adaptors include R32, R38, T38, T45, T51 etc.

T38 102mm 127mm Dome Bits for Reaming

Reaming Equipment Tools Bits:
Diameter: 64mm, 65mm, 76mm, 89mm, 102mm, 127mm.
Thread Type: R32, T38.
Taper: 6-7-11-12 Degree.
Reamer Bits/Dome Reaming Button Bits/Pilot Adaptor R32-T38/6-7-11-12 Degree Factory, from Liaocheng Jinquan Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd, China.

T45 Coupling Sleeve

After special & advanced heat treatment technology, Jinquan's T45 coupling sleeves ensure the ends touch for efficient energy transmission, suitable for model powerful top hammers and drifter from Atlas Copco, Sandvik, Furukawa and Boart Longyear etc.


Thread drilling tools: For threaded cross bits and button bits, extension rods, shank end rods, male-female drilling rods (M-F Rods) etc., the thread can be “R” type thread or “T” type thread, such as R22, R25, R28, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51, GT60 etc.

R25 R28 R32 R38 T38 Drifter Rod

Drifter Rod:
Shank rod Hex. 25-R25 10 feet.
Drifter rod R32-Hex. 25-R25.8 feet 10 feet.
Drifter rod R28-Hex. 28-R25, 10 feet.
Drifter rod R32-Hex. 28-R28, 10 12 13 14 feet.
Drifter rod R32-Hex. 32-R28 10 feet.
Drifter rod R38- Hex. 32-R28 10 12 14 feet.
Drifter rod R38-Hex. 32-R32 12 14 16 feet.
Drifter rod T38-Hex. 32-R32 12 14 feet.
Drifter rod R38-Hex. 35-R32 10 12 14 16 18 feet.
Drifter rod T38-Hex. 35-R32 12 14 16 18 20 feet.
Drifter rod T38-Hex. 35-R35 14 16 18 20 feet.
Drifter rod T38-Round39-R32 14 16 18 20 feet.
MF drifter rod T38-Hex. 35-R32 12 14 16 18 feet.

Shank Adapter Drill Rod

Shank End Rod, Shank Adapter Drill Rod Hex22*108 with R22 Thread: Effective length 255mm-3600mm.
R22 Shank End Rod:
Diameter: H22mm or H25mm;
Shank size: 22*108mm or 25*159mm;
Effective drilling length: 255mm/400mm/610mm/




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