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Kaishan Diesel Screw Portable Air Compressor LGCY-18/17 Air Compressor

Kaishan Diesel Portable Screw Air Compressor LGCY-18/17:
We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of portable screw air compressor. The mobile screw compressors, as an ideal choice for all kind of construction, mining, grounding, marine industry and many other applications. These portable screw air compressor models are equipped with an exclusive screw airend, constructed with the strongest materials and each compressor ensure exceptional performance, efficiency and long lasting maintenance life. 
portable diesel engine driven air compressors;
diesel driven air compressor;
diesel portable rotary screw compressors for drilling, mining, quarrying & constructions.
The specification of LGCY-18/17 diesel screw portable air compressor: 
Capacity: 645 cfm (18m3/min) 
Working Pressure: 17 bar (1.7Mpa) 
Engine Type: Cummins
Brand: Kaishan

Kaishan LGCY-33/25 Diesel Driven Portable Screw Rotary Air Compressor

LGCY-33/25 diesel portable screw air compressor:
Characteristics of Kaishan diesel portable screw compressor:
The specification of diesel screw portable air compressor:
Capacity: 33m3/min
Working Pressure: 25 bar (2.5Mpa)
Engine Type: Cummins
LG series high-pressure portable screw air compressor is drived by cummins diesel engine, which is apply for Mining and Construction drilling machine and power air tools, Heavy duty 24 hours and trouble free operation.

Air end: large diameter rotor, air end connect with diesel engine through coupling and no reduction gear inside, more reliability, the rotate speed is same with the diesel engine's, more longer lifespan.
Diesel engine: select the diesel engine of COMMINS and YUCHAI brand, satisfy the emission requirement of Europe, low oil consumption, after sale service system all over the china.
Good adaptability: automatically control the air delivery of diesel engine by matching the demand of air consumption, which equal to frequency conversion control in motor power screw air compressor.

Kaishan LG-6.2/8 Stationary Rotary Electric Screw Air Compressor

Kaishan LG-6.2/8 Rotary Air Compressor Stationary Electric Rotary Screw Air Compressor 116 psi / 8 bar, 219 cfm / 6.2 m.
1.Configuration: Stationary 
2. Motor: 50 HP / 37 kw 
3. Max Bar: 116 psi / 8 bar 
4. FAD: 219 cfm / 6.2 m3/min
1. Model Number : LG-6.2/8
2. Motor: 50 HP / 37 kw
3. Max Bar: 116 psi / 8 bar
4. FAD: 219 cfm / 6.2 m3/min
5. Weight: 1050 kg
6. Dimension: 1300 x 1100 x 1650 mm
7. Place of Origin: China
8. Configuration: Stationary
9. Brand Name: KAISHAN
10.Delivery Time: As Per Your Requirement
11.Packaging Details: Standard
12.Supply Ability: Enough

Kaishan Brand LGY Rotary Mobile Air Compressor Electric Portable Screw Air Compressor

Kaishan brand electric portable screw air compressor, motor power range 37-250KW, capacity range cover to 40m3/min, this series of products, each basic model can according to the user request change to different capacity, exhaust pressure.
LGY electric mobile screw air compressor is widely used in mining, water conservancy, transport, shipbuilding, construction, energy, military and other industries. In the developed countries such as America and Europe, used in mobile air compressor power, can say is 100% screw air compressor. 
Kaishan brand electric mobile screw compressor, the power range of 11~250kW, the exhaust volume coverage to 40m3/min.

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